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These are the major checklist before you leave to your new location & inform the

service providers about your moving program at least 2 month in advance.


  • Arrange for pre-move survey

  • Back up your personal computer

  • Collect school records

  • Decide on items that will go by sea or air

  • International driver’s license

  • Personal accident and medication insurance

  • Prepare insurance valuation list

  • Purchase additional items that you wish to send in the shipment

  • Traveler’s cheques.

  • Visit your doctor/dentist and obtain medical/dental records

  • Verify all documentation for the country of destinationResident permits, visa, tickets, passports etc.

1-2 WEEKS BEFORE THE MOVE Clean the refrigerator with a strong detergent so as to reduce the chances of mould and mildew being formed during shipping.

Inform the telephone company and electricity/gas/water authorities

Confirm and check your bank records, birth certificates/marriage certificates, flight arrangements, identity cards,insurance policy, international driving license, medical dental records, passport, school records, valuable/jewelries

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